About us Who we are

our history

Our journey is still short but we've expanded quickly! Euranka celebrated its fifth anniversary last June.

Birth of the project

Born within a web agency in which three guys decided to use their skills not for clients but for themselves.

Euranka reaches its first million

We've got the confirmation that we chose the right model and the team starts preparing for the real start

Euranka becomes independent

After two years in incubation, Euranka takes off and accelerates its development.

We are International

Euranka has now activities across 5 different continents and we work in more than 20 countries with 10 different languages.

The opening of our 2nd office

Euranka is thrilled to open its second office in the heart of the vibrant city of Barcelona in Spain. We finally become as international as our work! Creative editors and engineers start to join our Barcelona office.

to be continued…