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Euranka is more than a team, it's a family, linked to achieve business goals together. We do not care much about titles or hierarchy, we truly believe that if we all roll our sleeves and get things done, we can make it shine for success.

Euranka is our pride, would you be ready to go beyond the ordinary with us? We're not looking for super heros but you're obviously far too talented to just spend your time imaginating stuff that would change the world.

If you've got what it takes to be part of this experience, just tell us about yourself. No hard selling, just be you! Euranka offers you to improve your best self.


There is no open position actually

what you will find

A Unique Culture

Euranka teammates have a unique sense of passion which led them to live their business. We're demanding with ourselves and so is the mutual support within the team. We believe in the impossible so we set our own rules to work smarter. The pioneering spirit is a symbol of what we can achieve all together.

the opportunity to be yourself

You is good, you is authentic. We tend to offer an homelike environment to enable everyone to feel him or herself. No one check his personality at the door. Euranka offers you to take full responsibility for your projects, to suggest your ideas and identify new opportunities. This experience offers you to improve your best self.

Nice colleagues

We share an innovative and energetic vibe among both offices in Switzerland and in Barcelona. Colleagues, friends, we're being connected, building trust together and creating the Euranka spirit by sharing unforgettable experiences in and out of office.

Comfy offices

Lounge chairs to take a nap, comfy and cosy rooms to work as well as to tchat: we want everyone to look forward to heading to work with a positive mindset and stay engaged up here. We have a human approach, no cold setting. We believe sofa, plants and beanbags actually really help brainstorming!

Monthly team challenges

New at Euranka? Breaking the ice should note take long as we organize each month a teambuilding short challenge to connect and relax. From building a spaghetti tower to a fancy blind-test or quizz session, everyone has a chance to win the podium. Bringing fun to our work is part of the Euranka DNA.

Tremendous seminar

Twice the year, we organize a seminar to gather both office members in a relaxed and non-work setting. From a chalet in the Alps to a catalan villa, we are delighted to enjoy a full package of activities, food discoveries and great surprises in a festive atmosphere. Celebrating is not a religion for Euranka, but close to.