True performance marketing The agency

our purpose

In an increasingly fast-moving digital world, Euranka has decided to share and help ambitious new companies who have understood how tomorrow's marketing would evolve. Our goal is to provide high-performance solutions adapted for tomorrow's challenges.

our methods

Based on business intelligence and data collection, we have developed our own technological solutions to help our websites to reach the best performance and results. These methods proved their worth and we can now adapt them and implement them for customers focused on ROI and by increasing their sales.

  1. Analysis of your business with our visualization tools. The objective is to analyze the profitability of each of your customers, as well as the evolution of this profitability over time.
  2. Applying our methods for each acquisition channel

Some elements depend on the right brain. They must be tested.

  • a. Creativity
  • b. Iterative test on creativity

Some elements depend on the left brain. They must be calculated.

  • c. Integration of automatic bidding adjustment and budget calibration tools

Bidding adjustment system graph

Goal: Maximize the return on investment.

our services

We offer you to take charge of your search marketing investment on a performance model to show you how well our methods work.

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